About Artfinix Studios

It is our firm belief that you have a message to share. If you’re not established or at the top with connections and resources, you are left to rely on a system that does not value your potential and well being. The current system does not guarantee a place for you to find purpose and redemption in creation.

We are creatives and entertainers with a drive to make impact. Changing the way people perceive art, and its impact on people all around the world. .

We at Artfinix Studios believe in allowing artists to use their skills to compliment other fields of art and entertainment. Opportunities should not be granted only to the few and lucky while local artists with talent and much potential stay silenced by indifference.

You bring the arts, we provide you the platform. With that combination, we have a formula to take this to a much higher level.

We Are Artfinix

Artfinix Leadership

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Brandon Taylor Sides

CEO/Founder/Music Educator

With a music composition and education background, Brandon's dream is to inspire people to do what they love, and compliment the work of artists around them. His vision for Artfinix is to create opportunities and a space for artists who have dreams and a message to share.

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Zuqy Cruz Marquez

Creative Partner

Zuqy is a Piscean who loves art. Their work is as diverse and magical as their imagination. They welcome you to find any spectrum of art and let it work it's enchantment on you.


Andy King

Podcast Network Leader

Andy is a former country club bartender with a degree in film & video, and a passion for podcasts. His goal is to build a podcast network which connects Chicago podcasters with Chicago artists.

Andy also hosts the Artfinix Podcast Network flagship podcast #ArtCanFix.


Jake Fisher

Music Education Leader

Jake is a multi-instrumentalist who graduated from Lawrence University with a Bachelor's Degree in Bassoon Performance, and has performed in many different music groups varying in genre.

Jake also hosts the Artfinix Podcast Network program Wake & Jake.


Thomas Schroeder

Film & Video Leader

Thomas is a cinematographer, focusing on narrative and documentary storytelling. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago, he brings extensive knowledge from several disciplines, with experience in event, corporate, and sports videography.


Cristian Chavez

Artfinix Graphix Leader

Cristian is currently working on his second BFA in Graphic Design at NEIU. He prefers to surround himself with creative people, and believes to follow your passion as long as you are moving forward, one foot at a time.


Mike DiFrisco

Creative Writing Leader

Mike is a Chicago native with an extensive background in writing, theater, and comedy. He comes from a big, loud Italian family, which gave him a sense of humor, lots of material to work with, and a perpetual appetite.

Andy B.jpg

Andy Besbekos

Creative Writing/Poetry Leader

Andy is a graduate of Governors State University with a bachelors degree in information technology. Andy’s passion is the art of poetry, specifically haiku style, displaying both self-reflection and self-discovery.

Artfinix Interns


Isabella Eliopulos

Producer of In the Green Room

Isabella is a radio and journalism student at Columbia College Chicago. Her greatest interest/hobby is music. While she loves to sing, she also works to improve her guitar and piano skills. Isabella is a podcast network production intern, and a producer for the podcast In the Green Room.


Laura Edwards


DePaul University student Laura Edwards joined Artfinix as its first marketing intern. A senior studying Public Relations and Advertising (with minors in Marketing and Cinema Studies), she hopes to develop marketing strategies for creatives, so that they may inspire the world.