How is it Now

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Written by Adela Skowronski

They are fuzzy. Bluesy. Slightly psychedelic. On first glance, China Rose doesn't really seem to be deviating too much from bands in their genre. Yet with the release of their newest album How is it Now, it's obvious the 4-piece rock band has finally come 100% into their own.

The 21st century has seen the casual development of what we might call "smooth garage rock" - music that carries the grungy / industrial feel of the early 00s while getting further and further infused with jazzy R&B vibes. Coupled with increasingly easier access to recording technology, this caused the explosion of new bands bursting onto the scene to share very similar sounds despite their diversity: from the pop-ier Mac DeMarco and Beach Bunny, to bands like the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant. If you spiced the tunes just right, you carved out a niche and a loyal fan base. If you didn't, you fade into the backdrop.  

China Rose's latest album proves they have what it takes to stand up against the backdrop. It's sultry and sweet; catchy, raw, and slightly strange. Though the album caries its garage rock identity throughout, sprinkles of psychedelic, math rock and even Beatles influences cause the album to be an exciting ride for any rock fan. It's not their first release, but definitely an identity forming one.

Track Recommendations: Poor You Poor Me, Give it Time, and Tendencies.

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