Seek Life While you Can

Life is very cruel

Why should that stop us from our goals?

Then again how so


Darkness of corrupt

People suffer without hope

Never give up on your chance


This world is not close

Take a dose for what becomes

Never end too soon


My loved ones stumble

They all need happy endings

Hey ball of light shine


What do we all need

We all want to end suffering

Breaking us apart


But I will digress

Stop living in this bullshit

Find your happiness


Living in Hatred

Not as fun as it all seems

We all made mistakes


Me personally

My mistake is my anger

Danger to myself


My anger is this

I want to live in selfless

For your happiness


Your happy ending

That's why I live...not for me

For all I care for


My life will be fine

I care for more your own life

Fuck caring for me


All I want to say

Is take control of your life?

It's never too late

by Anonymous

Artfinix Studios