Hollow Buildings

We’re still bitter.

Our time has withered

And now it’s gone.

Much like the love

We can never grow back.

Where are we now?

I could’ve sworn this building collapsed.

I really wish these feelings weren’t attached

Because I only ever react

In ways that make me regret the past.

Looks like I am approaching my final act.

My only wish is for this to disappear.

If only I could fill your heart

With what you want

Instead of fear.

Hollow tears

Are drawing near

And we were never ready.

Now it’s clear;

I’m only the weight that makes it heavy.

It’s all over your body,

But you’re still just as empty

As every page of every book

I never got around to.

And yes, it’s going to hurt us

But you’re much better off

And that was something I never understood.

You kept my heart so full

But our time is done.

When everything dies,

And our world is gone,

You will remain as beautiful

As every note I never wrote.

by J.R. Castro

Artfinix Studios